Wedding Planning Checklist

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Wedding is the most awaited day in your life and you must have some plan for that.

Wedding is the most awaited day in your life and you must have some plan for that. To make all your wedding plan in real need to be good wedding or event planner in your city like Faridabad. Wedding is not only a single function its bunch of functions mean lot of preparation required before wedding day.

To make more easier of your wedding day need to prepare some check list before wedding plan that will help you  to make your wedding day more joy full and you can execute your all plan so all dream will come true if make good planning before wedding day happen.

Let us discuss what the check lists for wedding are and how it works to get the wedding more joy full and memorable.

  • Decide your budget

Most important and first things in wedding planning are budget you should decide your budget so you can easily access all the planning point within budget.  If you have pre planed budget that will help you decide the range of all type wedding other item as well like venue, catering preferences, dress, and so on. If you have pre-planned budget with you can decide how much spent and where or on which item. So budget planning is most important check list in wedding.

  • Finalizing guest list

If you have guest list before wedding day you can decide lot of things on the basis of guest list. Guest list you can decide the catering service in Faridabad as well what is the menu of the catering. You guest list also help you to decide the venue of the wedding. If you have list of guest it will also help to decide the budget and other things as well.

  • Wedding venue selection

As we aware in wedding season most of the wedding venues are booked so you need be booked your wedding venue in advance. Before book the wedding venue you should ambience, size and location according to your guest list so you attending guest don’t have issue to attend the wedding and they can easily reach on location.

  • Decide caterer

Once your venue is decided ask your venue provider are they providing catering service or not if they are not providing the catering service  you need to get best catering service provider for the wedding day. Caterer should be best because if you food taste is good your wedding is success.  Attendee guest always remember the food taste of wedding if its taste is good it became memorable for your guest and they will talk as well on this.

  • Choose photographer and videographer

Booking photographer and videographer is most important check list on wedding day. You should hire professional wedding photographer in Faridabad because they have rich experience how to take pause and which angle of photo is good for couple. Photographer is the person which makes your wedding memorable.